I think Coward is a harsh word but he diffently is not a Hero in my opinion


How about, frickin idiot?

lol if he thought the internet fucked him up before, wait till he reads all this.

hes going to be on suicide watch.

I couldnt care less really.

dumb fuck sits well with me. thanks for robbing us of a fight.

dumbass , pussy whipped beyatch...imo

Stupid...just stupid

even my girlfriend was talking shit about him . . . and he left for a girl. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Undeserving little ass clown, I hope he does continue to fight and gets his little bitch ass beaten badly. God damn what I would give to have that kind of opportunity, and that pussy walks away from it for a g/f of 6 months!?!?

Fuck Noah!


dumb fuck imo

Neither Coward or Hero.

selfish little pussy is the best way to describe him. Forget the fact that either he is scared or just doesn't want to lose his girl.

The bottom line is that thousands of guys would give there left nut to take his spot, and he wasted everyones time and energy.

Noah I was bangin yo woman while you were crying on TUF

What the fuck is wrong with these guys...eli, noah...coward is not a harsh word imo...not only did they rob someone else who deserved the shot, they exposed themselves as weak-minded and immature on national tv...no perspective and no heart.

I hope the UFC avoids ever using him in the future. Banished for life! To KOTC with you!


"How much of a FAG does Jesse feel like now?"

Not that much he's back on the show...

Hell, it's not like he was gonna win anyway. I think he realized that, and that's why he did what he did.

Perhaps he forged that note himself.

Is she a real honey though?