Poll: Did Chuck make a mistake?

What does the UG think?

Did Chuck make a mistake (A)?

or is that just his style of fighting(no mistake) and he may never ever beat Rampage (B)?


Answer A is obvious. That was a very stupid punch to throw. B is also a definate possibility.

C. doesn't matter. he got KTFO!

A. He "got caught"

That's what he told Banuelos about why he lost. CL-"You just made a mistake." Banuelos-"What'd I do?" CL-"You got caught."

Rampage is the better man but I think yer crazy to say Chuck could never beat him. People just want so badly to hate Chuck.

..."but because Ramapage is a quick puncher (not to mention strong as an ox) he would probably lay Chuck out 8 out of 10 times"

And I would giggle every time it happened.

btw, B.

Wide looping punches are a mistake against someone who punches straight. Many MMA throw wide looping punches, this was OK when stand up was weak, but as stand up improves those that throw wide will be owned.

Chuck threw a left hook to the body that left his head open for the right rampage threw. It happens and chuck got caught. Thats one of the best punches rampage threw.

"well yes its a mistake as well as a bad style matchup... i mean Rampage keeps real good boxing dicipline (hands up and tight at all times) and Chuck keeps his hands loose and free form. If Rampage was slow with his hands, then Chuck would probably have a good chance to light him up... but because Ramapage is a quick puncher (not to mention strong as an ox) he would probably lay Chuck out 8 out of 10 times"

I couldn't havde said it better myself.

His mistake was thinking he could just leave his hands hanging low
and didn't need to cover-up


Chuck's mistake was that he thought he could stand up with Rampage.

"He got caught" is taking away from Rampage's win. Like it was a fluke or something. Chuck was simply outclassed.

the only mistake chuck made was taking the fight against a superior Rampage.


Boxing 101 don't drop your hands, don't back straight up, don't lead with a hook to the body Chuck made a few mistakes with one simple punch.

It's not A, it's that Chuck's striking style is exposed when he faces someone with true striking ability. That looping, hands down, middle exposed garbage will get him KOed 10 times out of 10 against any good striker.

QJ is a proven striker who has won at the K-1 level. He will beat Chuck every time.