Poll:Do you want MMA to go main?

Yes. Because it'd mean better paychecks to the figters

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...and yes, because I want to see as many fights as possible.

I also think that once MMA gets more exposure, it could bring more athletes who would excel at the sport, but have passed thus far because it didn't pay as well as they would have liked.

Of course.

Certainly, better pay for fighters, weekly tv events and more events in general to watch.

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The Voice of Cynicism speaks;


With widespread public opinion being that violence is abhorrent, unacceptable, and politically incorrect, MMA would have to be watered down so much in order for the average sports fan to jump aboard the bandwagon, that the sport would probably hold little appeal for old time hardcore fans. The newer rules are about as much as I can stand. Most uncaring people will always view it as 'that terrible,brutal NHB',even with rules added, grim fact of life. They don't care to learn differently.

I too would like to see fighters get paid well,but it's still a new niche sport,and there are older more popular sports who's participants don't make what some MMA fighters do- they simply do it because they love it. Just because there are 5000 guys out there who WANT to fight for a living doesn't mean they're ENTITLED to,or that they're good enough to. As young as MMA still is,and as small as it is, I think any fighter who can actually make a living in MMA, and not have to work a conventional job should count their lucky stars and bow down to Royce and Rorion 3 times a day. Many other atheletes in other sports work real jobs and train when they can in their sport,even boxing which is 500X the size of MMA. A lot don't get paid at all. Sure I'd love for all of the good fighters to get paid lots of money,but it ain't there yet,simple as that, not for so many fighters,and tons more up and coming.

We all have grand wishes and desires, but that doesn't mean they are going to happen or even should. MMA is growning slowly,and will hopefully continue to grow. Maybe later there will be enough serious fans like us to make it a good paying sport for all involved. I don't want the average idiot or woman on the street to be into MMA.

Another thing- if MMA went mainstream and the fighters became big known names,you think we'd still be able to meet a dozen fighters at an event and get their autographs and photos taken with them? Or would they be as unaccessable as your average ball player?You think they'd get on here and rap with us and all of our shit talking? This is a great sport,and some of the factors that make it such a great sport exist because it's NOT a mainstream sport.

(Growl, slobber,wipes drool from chin.)

i want it on free tv alot. but i dont want it as huge as pro football. thered be way too many tuf guys walkin the streets who train......

Yes, but no more watered down rules.

how can it go mainstream when Dana White is taking it backwards?

I would also like for the top fighters to get paid handsomely. But that fact aside, I see no real advantage of MMA going mainstream other than maybe some free TV shows. I like how it is now. Tons of Hardcore fans with a ton of passion and knowledge. This whole obsession with going mainstream falls on deaf ears with me. Its like surfing a favorite beach or hiking a favorite trail, it seems each time you go, more people are there. Popularity is not always a good thing.

I`m in no hurry for it to go mainstream.Two of my reasons have have already been said,and I like not having to pay $2000 for a good seat in Vegas.

Absolutely not.

And the UFC is the head of the snake.

I hope the UFC disappears soon. It is a clown show, if someone wants this to be a sport then they will watch Shooto and other serious promotions. The UFC is ridiculous and might as well be run by Vince McMahon.

The UFC is not a serious fighting sport organization to me.

If MMA was a circus, then Shooto would be the Cirque du Soleil and the UFC would be Ringling Brothers.

I can't stand what the UFC has done to grappling.

rings and ropes are for sports, cages are for monkeys in a zoo. Any serious organizations have their events in a ring.

mr. nemo, I have never looked at it "that" way before, about meeting them at events & such, but if you think about it, the really big names are not accessible as you'd like to think......... mainly they are surrounded by good friends & security except at smaller events & sometimes even then, the meeting is very short & sweet for the most part, ya know?

And think about this, what big name fighter posts here regularly to "rap" with us?? I used to want them so badly to get on here..... for you guys, but I've even stopped wishing for that, they'd just be dissected ruthlessly & for what........ to feed some fans ego that ripped him a new a$$hole behind the security of a computer screen, in ways I wouldn't even do to someone I didn't know but I got to meet on the street.... sheesh.

Tito used to post here, I enjoyed reading from his own words what he was doing, what thoughts he had on a fight or just saying hi. Gone are those days, & I miss him posting here. I know of no other huge name that enjoys discussing fighting points with us, do you? Oh wait, once in a great while one of them comes on here & throws us a bone, that sets off a record breaking thread...... sheesh. Yea, they really "enjoy" us.... huh? It's the smaller fighters who post here regularly that keeps this place fun it seems, they really need to be appreciated more.

"With widespread public opinion being that violence is abhorrent, unacceptable, and politically incorrect,"

As for becoming mainstream, well, if someone actually took the time to show "proof" of how untrue all that stuff is, with cold hard facts, like deaths in "other" safer accepted sports, this would change a few opinions ........ but I'm not gonna hold my breath, for some reason, nobody seems to have realized what advertising has done for other business's.      *sighs*

Get your panties un-bunched, the question wasnt if you like the UFC.

Edited to say, not you Momita, the few posts above you

With the better organizations getting more popular, I predict (and pray) that the UFC will be gone in 2 years.

*man ........supersonic, all that unbunchin for nothin.....sheesh*

*bunches panties back up*

Um,no the question was Do you think MMA should go mainstream.

Momita,I haven't been to an event in a few years,but someone who just went to the last UFC, his first event, met a ton of fighters and got several photos, even now. You might have to make a little effort,but go to a pro football or baseball game and your chances of talking with,getting an autograph from or photos taken with even one player are pretty much nil.

You can easily explain to someone who is open minded,the rules and restrictions of MMA, it's safety record etc,the sad fact is that most people simply don't care in the least,they just don't care about some stupid violent sport,period,and they aren't interested in changing their minds,they have no reason to. They REALLY don't care. You can lead a person to knowledge but you can't make them think. We fight fans are a rare and precious breed. :)

As usual I'm playing Devil's advocate,but I really think a large part of the charm and appeal of MMA is that it's a nice small personal sport, that's not mainstream. Some day it will be I do believe,to an extent,but I say let's cherish the early days while it's not,then later when it is,we can make new fans green with envy telling them our old school stories about going to shows,meeting fighters, getting autographs out the yingyang, getting drunk with them after the events,and some of the crazy shit we've experienced in the early days.

Mr. Nemo- You have articulated it perfectly