Poll:Europeans completely opposed to muslim immigr


1 in 5 agree with immigration from the mid east. And that 1 in 5 would basically be the north Africans and arabs already in Europe wanting more of their own joining them in order to get a complete takeover.

1 in 5 approval is as close as you'll get to universal disapproval on any issue.

The jig is up globalists, the mass rapes (and attempted media cover ups of them), the mass crime (and cover up of that) the undercutting of local wages, the destruction of century old cultures, the media/government lies........people have caught on to this and they want it STOPPED.

The 1 in 5 is hilariously low approval. that's is basically everybody because the muslim population would be at least 10 percent. So basically the remaining 10% are bdsm cuck weirdos and disgusting old elderly merkel spinsters feminists hoping she'll get lucky enough to be felt up by a gang of smelly camel jockeys.

If globalists think they can still force mass immigration on Europe with the approval of muslim minorities and 10% weirdos (that get their jollies from gang rape), they are in for civil war as far as I'm concerned.


That should spell the end of Angela Merkel.

UltimateKeyboardWarrior -

That should spell the end of Angela Merkel.

I'd rather it be a firing squad 

Pablo Duke - Too late...

They could put a stop to all Muslim immigration today and the birth rate will still screw them in a generation or two.

Feral pigs are easier to get rid of.