POLL: I want to see CroCop fight..

Who do you wanna see CroCop fight next in MMA? You are the matchmaker. Pic a fighter from any fighting organization (UFC, Pride, M-1, K-1, Inoke, etc.) I'll start.I'd love to see CroCop vs Arlovski>. This would be a great fight. A huge test for Arlovski & Mirko is coming off of his upset loss.Winner: CroCop by KO

Kevin Randleman

chuck liddel

Cro Cop who?

"I remember a big Cro Cop vs. Rizzo thread awhile back where it was probably 95% of the UG claiming Rizzo will die, Cro Cop by decapitation, blah-blah-blah and other kinds of hooey.

Wonder if some of those people still think that way"

I remember that thread!!!

How come nobody saw it coming, Ruas said (he trained crocop at his begining) that Rizzo would kill this guy anyday. Well, it wasn't rizzo but he was ko'd really bad though. He's good, but not invincible.

everyone mentioned so far would be cool match ups.

I'd definately still like to see Crocop/Fedor, or pos. Crocop/sergi

ttt for more matchups from the daytime folks.