Poll of UK Muslims 27% agree with Hebdo gunmen

"You're misrepresenting the survey. You fail to mention the 2/3 that don't want you killed, because of your basic human rights" Phone Post 3.0

Some real retards on this site. Who cares if the number is a third or a quarter. That is still a huge amount of Muslims ok with violence over cartoons. Phone Post

Marcus Agrippa -
shatefak - Yeah Im sure all of the muslims in the Uk went online to vote on that. Im Willing to bet that nearly all of those votes were made my non muslim trolls and nazis like Op for the sake of propaganda. Phone Post 3.0

It was a telephone poll for the BBC. The if the BBC has any bias it is towards left wing multicultural idealism and sure as hell not the other way.


Call me a Nazi if it makes you feel good, but it is your mates doing the mass killing in Syria, Nigeria and Libya not me.
Who the hell still answers telephone polls??? Phone Post 3.0

It's also worth mentioning. British muslims are well aware of the talks these type of polls are spurring on. So I have no doubt that these polls are skewed towards moderation, from the start. Phone Post 3.0

But but Christians and crusades and stuff Phone Post 3.0

Also bush it's his fault and don't forget the crusades Phone Post 3.0

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Pratty - Wow OP

Way to misrepresent the poll

You left out some very important points:

93% say they should obey British laws


"Asked if acts of violence against those who publish images of the Prophet Muhammad can "never be justified", 68% agreed that such violence was never justifiable.

But 24% disagreed with the statement, while the rest replied "don't know" or refused to answer.

The poll, carried out between 26 January and 20 February, suggests 32% of British Muslims were not surprised by January's attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, which published depictions of the Prophet, and a kosher supermarket in Paris." Phone Post 3.0
That still leaves 32% that think free speech should be countered with violence. That's way more noteworthy than "68% think you shouldn't kill people for exercising freedom of speech." Phone Post 3.0
And I'm at work, just skimming through. So I may have misunderstood your post. If so, I apologize. Phone Post 3.0

27% are honest about their insane extremist views and at least another 27% keeps quiet to avoid shaking up their life style.

Fuck that culture/religion. Move that 27% to the Amazon and put a wall around them so they have to deal with the alligators, spiders, and snakes.

Fuck 'em Phone Post 3.0

What did the Amazonian indians ever do to you to deserve that?

Basz - But but Christians and crusades and stuff Phone Post 3.0

Don't forget the alienation, poor little things

As Sam Harris said if only 1% hold extremist views that's still 15 million people across the globe.

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Marcus Agrippa - Anyway respect to UK Muslims for your surprising honesty. Nah really you gotta respect that. At least a third of you are totally completely stark raving bonkers, and another third at least partially insane, but you are open about it.
I don't think they were being honest. If they were it would be something like 90% supporting violence against non believers. Phone Post 3.0
Exactly, they know where these polls lead. They know what they're used for. So it's gonna be skewed towards moderation, from the beginning. Same with the global muslim polls. Because in the more Islamist countries, you can't even do the surveys. Phone Post 3.0

Dayling - The most popular name given to baby boys in England is Mohammed.

Think about that.

It's not George, it's not Henry, it's Mohammed.

Is this good for England? Phone Post 3.0
Isn't it ironic that the name of Jihadi John turned out to be Mohammed from London!? Phone Post 3.0

68% is very bad...almost 1/3 believe that's justified. That means that he 68% that believe that murder may be wrong, may still believe that those people would be rightfully beaten or raped, FFS. Not saying they do.