Poll: Prime Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Diane Lane

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar of course, I’m not into fucking people from an old folks home
  • Diane Lane, I’m really into old people and necrophilia

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So in light of @InCogneeto’s very unfair poll, I have created a new one using much more fair parameters.

-Votes are now public, so no hiding under anonymity
-Poll will run for more than a few hours

So here are some pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar




and here are some of Diane Lane





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Even an old Diane is hotter than photoshopped bird lady


Sure, if you are into necrophilia!

@wolfdeth also confirms that he likes to fuck the dead. As does @RhinoHog

Lots of old weirdos on this site who are not ashamed of being deviants it seems.

Jimmayyy 3 is an expert…
bye bye birdie GIF

LOL you are coping

Dude, just take the L. This is getting boring.

LOL the poll has only lasted 11 minutes!

Smh GIF by Disney Zootopia

I gotta disagree. OP, as an American it is your God given right to refuse to accept this and make a huge ass of yourself.

I’m rooting for you!

And you’re still losing… you were almost “Rhino’d by HippoPig’s Hog”…

Good thing you jammed out…

You backed out and also refused a 3 year screen name bet.

The voting has just started you degenerate necrophiliac!

I think “PenisBreath” works for OP’s new signame when he loses this poll bet.

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You spelled heterosexual wrong…

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He didn’t take the bet

He jammed on anyone who accepted. I never said no and when I said ok he said offer expired. then wanted 3 years… I can’t promise I’ll be alive in 3 years.

Yeah he did, you backed down.

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so did I.

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lol oh.

You said it was going to be rigged like the 2020 election.

That isn’t accepting a bet in the English speaking world. Anyway relax dude the voting has just started.

James 3 is doing exactly what creepo did in the original thread.

I applaud you James.

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