Poll: Prime Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Diane Lane

No he backed down at first and then refused a second offer.

So I didn’t say no and 2 minutes later I said yes. Too late for you Jamtart…

Saying it’s going to be rigged like the 2020 election isn’t a yes in anyone’s world.

So I logically took that as a no. You then refused a second offer of a 3 year screen name bet.

This is the sort of thread I miss. Reminds me of life before covid and trump. More threads like this!


Hahaha… nice revisionist history. I said it looks like 2020 election but did not say no. then I said okay but you said offer expired. Then you came up with this ridiculous 3 year deal and I told you offer expired. Anyway, how’s the vote going for ya ?




Every chick is pretty when they’re 16-18

Even seen Kelly Osborne?

Revisionist history is saying what actually happened? If you wanted the bet you should of just said yes straight away instead debating like a woman.

The vote has just started

Huh? Settle down joe Biden :joy:

Nah, your mom was brutally ugly and a little unfresh…

You see better looking girls at any half decent club.

To be honest I’m not American and I had never heard of this Diane Lane before.

I’am not impressed!

Animated GIF


But you are impressed by Buffy ? and not the hotter one… Hey there’s a better challenge, still a loss for smg though…

SMG vs, Kristy Swanson… Kristy takes it… lol… you lose again.

I think Tori Spelling vs. SMG would be a more fair fight.


There ya go…
family guy GIF

LOL the girls in clubs have changed since you went back in the 1950’s Sir!

They tend to look much better than this,

This should get your little peen hard


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Do you suffer from some kind of mental health disability?

The poll has just started (3rd or 4th time telling you this), wait until it’s finished first.

so like this…

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