Poll: Prime Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Diane Lane

Hey I’m LMAO over here in the home. The old ladies are looking at me weirdly again.

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Don’t lie you are in an all male home!

You better watch it jerk! I’m a internet badass and I won’t take no sass from you!

geezus If I met her in her prime…

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Let’s call it a night, brother. You like what you like, and I like what I like.

Nobody is saying they wouldn’t fuck smg… well maybe pedro… Just DL is better…

All i know is if i ever get teh chance to bang either, i will undress them as SMG and/whore DL for proper acronimical sex.

Diane lanes mother


SMG’s mom…
Looking Excuse Me GIF


lmao Brutal!

Diane Lane is one of the GOATS for being super hot in her prime and aging amazingly. They basically had to make her look older for those superman movies. Gellar was cute when she was in her early 20’s like most chicks that stay thin, and has aged fairly well. It’s not even a competition.

Diane’s mom was a smoke show:


LMAO you brilliant asshole!!

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They really knew how to make pointy tits in those days. Wtf happened?

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Missed this because on my phone this site jumps when I scroll up and down. She is so fucking gorgeous!

I’ii never understand how some Ogers prefer men and pension age women compared to Sarah Michelle-Gellar. They will all pay the price when ‘‘Allah’’ brings justice back to the Earth.

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Again missed this comment as well due to the site jumping all the time.

Can’t tell if you are trolling or being serious but it’s clearly displayed who voted for who. Do you have cataracts again?

You sure?

ask Altofsky, hessian and Incogneeto!

Poll is going as expected…

I see your DL, your SMG and raise you one JLH

jennifer love hewitt GIF


just saying jennifer love hewitt GIF