Poll: Prime Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Diane Lane

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My only BIG BEEF i have with her is she never showed full tits. I will never ever forgive her.


She/her/they/them is praying the numbers will change.

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It ain’t finished bitch! Only once there are sufficient numbers will the truth be revealed!

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings!

The only bitch here is YOU. Now go home and get your shine box!!!

This poll is over! You lost. Diane Lane is much hotter than SMG. It’s been proven on my thread and on yours. It’s game over!!!

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And there she is. It’s over.

The words of a nervous man who is hoping his opponent just gives up!

You closed your thread because you were scared homie!

Yet the Gif is completely silent?

sums it up really!

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As you should be

Diane Lane has more natural beauty while SMG relies on makeup and shit as most women.

An admission that the fat lady hasn’t sung yet?

very revealing Sir! We shall what happens as the vote increases.

DL and her daughter:

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She’s average at best, similar to now deceased British actress Diana Rigg. Also are you proud of officially admitting the following in multiple polls?

-Being a registered sex offender
-Being a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community
-Being a necrophiliac

This will follow you forever on the OG.

SMG is not that attractive. You are coping.

In this shot DL looks like my 7th grade choir teacher we all wanted to bang.

Your continuing denial of reality is quite amusing Sir!

On possibly the largest poll in OG history, the numbers currently say the following,

-Yes SMG attractive - 422

-No she is - 22

Why do you continue to deny reality here?