Poll: Prime Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Diane Lane

“Old” Diana Lane looks like smells like sweat and cigarettes.

Because you posted airbrushed pictures of her. And even then, they look average.

I suppose she also won the FHM’s sexiest woman of the year (by the democratic vote) because she was airbrushed and average?

Serious question? Are you posting from a mental health institution?

Trying to be sane here
Prime SMG vs now Diane Lane. Maybe I would go with prime SMG. Pretty petite thing.
Now prime SMG vs prime Diane Lane. Lets be realistic, prime Diane was wow. She beats out Charisma, which is is high standard…

Please don’t, threads are more fun when people are insane and lose their shit!

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Is this shit still going on? This is getting sad :frowning:

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No, reading glasses.

But anyway, I might as well post hot pics of Diane Lane






Had almost 450 voters on the other poll.

This one doesn’t even have 100 yet you (self-admitted) gay necrophiliac sex offender.

very good, but can you now see who has voted for who now?

Still waiting…

I see the little avatars. Yes.

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Okay Sir would you now like to apologize after the outrageous allegations you made against me?

Like claiming I was hiding who was voting, and that I myself was voting multiple times?

Those are 2am avatar additions…

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The Queen of the MILF’s

The mutherfucker OP thinks bird girl is hotter than Diane Lane.

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Dude I had never even heard of this bitch before you brought her up. That’s how irrelevant and average she is.

By contrast the whole english speaking world knows exactly, who Sarah Michelle Gellar is!


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Goddammit! There are alot more Boomer necrophiliacs here than I thought!

We need some more votes from millennial scum and degenerate zoomers!

I seem to be mounting a small comeback here! Up from 29% to 32% at just 84 votes. Will the tide turn at 200+ voters when less boomer faggots have voted?

Here are some reminders,

Sarah Michelle Gellar, a woman who won FHM’s sexiest woman of the year.

gif - sarah michelle gellar wants to fuck.gif

and here are some more pics of Diane Lane. Who never won any world’s sexiest woman of the year awards for very obvious reasons!