Poll Tap Out guys Ya or Na ?

I say Na.

Im pretty sure if they didnt sponsor fighters and give them money, they would have got beat up by now.

What do you think?


Phil B

lol agreed

Dog fighting is not cool, end of discussion. That said they give $$ to fighters and frankly I'm sure we all own at least one of their shirts somewhere in our closets...

Though the Vanilla Ice entrance.......


NYBA vs Tapout crew


Cool stuff, but they look like a bunch of clowns (literally)

I go to the body like nobody.

Hav from AKA taught me kill The body and the head will die.


Phil B

I think Mike Guymon can handle himself, any particular reason for the post?

phil,i learned to like you ,the tap out guys have been around along time,just like you when there was no money in it,props to them and you for sticking around

tap out forum is the best part of mma.tv...

...outside of that, those clowns are useless.

Other than dressing up like it's Halloween every MMA event... what
exacty do these guys do for MMA?

I've hung out with a couple of those guys and they were pretty cool. I got no problems with them. That tall dude is kinda wierd tho.

I know Mike Guymon can handle himself.Ive seen it in and out of the cage.Actually I think those guys are good guys just trying to promote their company and the sport.Have they done anything to disrespect any of you?

the village people of mma

i don't know them so I can only NA some of the f'd up advertisements.

At this point 123 people looked at this thread. Only 10 people voted.

Just Vote Ya or Na!

Dont worry Ill protect you from the skinny ugly guy with all the tat's and face paint.

Its your right to vote as an American!


You can also vote Ya or NA if you think the only reason Chuck lost to Randy wa......

Dana White made Chuck come out to that gay ass Vanilla Ice song with the TAp OUt dude's stupid head floating around laughing on the screens. I think Chuck was so embarrassed, that he couldnt fight and really just wanted to run and hide.


Phil B

And yes they have done something sneaky. But Im not gonna go into that at all.

Phil, Do you think its bad that they sponsor events or give money to fighters?These guys seem to be pretty cool to most people, is it personal?


I like 'em.


Phil, I use to be a hater. But you have won me over as a fan. Great fighter and funny as hell.

ttt for NYBA

Yay because they sponsor fighters.