Poll: Was a prime Sarah Michelle Gellar attractive?

I hope so!

Your first post was 21/05/2021

Get a fucking life you sad little man.

Kind of blows up your Elias theory aince youve been lying telling people my first post was in an Elias rhread defedning him…which is a lie.

Send me your phone number faggot and ill call you sonyou can tell me who i am.

You logged onto the wrong account again retard.

I said your '‘AttractiveSofa’ account’s first posts was defending Elias which it was. Having multiple accounts is against the TOS dumb dumb.

Also feel free to make a video showing your face and calling me out Elias!

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Happy Pride Month, buddy.


Why can’t I see your vote on the poll yet Stuka!


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I don’t find her all that special either, but the simple question of “attractive” makes the yes pretty easy.

Of course you can! That’s why I made the vote public so that the ‘‘deviants’’ can be exposed!

Now if you don’t vote Stuka you will forever be placed in the ‘‘no’’ camp.

Don’t let yourself be destroyed like those who voted incorrectly!

No. This is the first time ive logged into this account in months. I know exactly what im doing. I did it to show you dont know what the fuck is going on. Youre the ficking idiot that called me to this jerkoff fantasy thread i never posted in. You wanted me here i am.

Them tell the mods and get me banned. Wont work becaaue i have better connections tham you…

Why? You wouldnt believe it. Send your phone number faggot if you really want to know who i am. Otherwise get off my dick and quit st.

alking me

That’s fine I mean I don’t think she was even the most attractive on her own TV show. Eliza Dushku was far better looking to me.

However if you are straight, you cannot say Sarah Michelle Gellar is ugly can you? Unfortunately ‘‘some’’ degenerates have made such blasphemous claims!

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I never tagged anyone named HandsomeCoach! You fucked up again Elias!

So I tag Elias and his alternate account, yet minutes later you show up with a related name to the AttractiveSofa account?

Okay just admit you fucked up because you have very low IQ. Which is why you are a Marxist paedophile in the first place!

I had actually had a conversation about this yesterday with someone, who decided it was funnier to let you keep humiliating yourself like this.

Now that you have been exposed with yet another account, let’s see what happens next!

I will happily believe seeing Elias Capaedo on a video calling me out.

So do it now!

There is no 3rd position on this poll!

Come dude don’t let yourself be biased to the point of denying objective reality.

She either ‘‘is’’ or ‘‘isn’t’’ attractive there is no in between. So make the correct choice when voting!

It isn’t white knighting to say if you find some woman attractive or not.

That’s a great shame Sir, how can we rebuild the white race if you choose the path of homosexuality?



I gave it some thought and upon closer inspection, while petite, she does have a square jaw.


You are being very dramatic here. Just choose one ‘‘Yes’’ or ‘‘no’’ it isn’t that difficult Stuka!

Jump Scare Omg GIF by Amanda Cee Media

Non existent 3rd position = No

Which means you have confirmed that you a registered sex offender and a proud member of the Gay community.


K this thread got real weird

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