Poll: Was a prime Sarah Michelle Gellar attractive?

You are an idiot.

I have two accounts and neither is Elias. You are ao confused that you dont evem know why you thought i was Elias. It was fun trollling but now youre getting stalkerish with the tage amd all that pedo talk. Fuck off and quit coming at me with all your homoerotic underage molestatiin “jokes”.

Back for more huh Elias?

Multiple accounts is against the TOS Elias. It’s now confirmed that you have at least 3.

If nothing else the high level spelling and grammar exactly matches, what is found in your retarded UG articles.

Look dumbass you’ve already admitted this is you so why keep up the pretense? Here is your admission yet again plain as day for all to see.

Game, set and match bruh…

What in the actual fuck?

You know the clue is in the title here!

A ‘‘prime’’ Sarah Michelle Gellar, this is the point.

Now go and place your vote in the ‘‘correct’’ yes column, or forever be dammed as a homo on the OG.


I appreciate your dedication to the cause.
Keep on trucking…

This thread is hilarious and i think a bunch of people are missing the point. Buncha slack jawed faggots…

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Ah yes I can see your vote now.

Well done young man! You have made the correct choice and redeemed yourself before the heterosexual community! You can now be safely trusted in a combat situation!

Unlike the homo-heretics who have completely disgraced themselves by voting ‘‘no’’.

If I didn’t know for a fact that this thread was really REALLY pissing some people off, I probably would of got bored of it ages ago.

Since they keep bitching to others about this thread, then I must continue it forever and ever!

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Did you guys see that other blonde actress got stabbed yesterday? Reese something

Having aids is no laughing matter.


Hmmmmmmm. Your behavior seems familiar to me. Putting people on “lists” for not thinking an average looking jewish girl is sus. Hmmmmmm.

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No who was that? Not Reese Witherspoon I take it?

EDIT: Just googled it and got the joke!



Sir I simply implore you to look at the current poll numbers and ‘‘reconsider’’ your position.

398 - Yes, she was fit as fuck in her prime

19 - No, I’m a militant homosexual who chokes on dick

I’m afraid you are a minority extremist who is out of touch with the wider heterosexual community. Like N.A.M.B.L.A or other similar organisations.

Haha. I’ve been getting people for years with that belter.


Nah with a knife ya silly cunt.

My dad’s gf took me to dinner in Ojai, and mentioned Reese lived there, and I got my moment.

She didn’t appreciate my joke, but we barely knew each other, so it was really awkward.

So much cleaning to do at the Death Star.

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Droopy eyes are unattractive.

Droopy eyes belong on dogs, not women.


Still wood.
Can’t make a judgment from one low res picture.

LOL I think she’s hot as fuck. Everyone has a bad picture floating around out there. She looks like she has a head cold to me. I can’t imagine being followed around by paparazzi all day long let alone when I feel sick. I’d literally kill someone.


So was I right? I haven’t seen this movie in a while.

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