Poll: Was a prime Sarah Michelle Gellar attractive?

Cute, yes, purdy, yes. Sexy? She has zero tits and probably zero ass, so how can one without the nice “sex” parts be sexy? I guess if she has a pretty vagina?

You spelled cock wrong?

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Ah finally welcome to the thread Altofsky! Also Boo this man everyone!

May I ‘‘respectfully’’ ask when was the last time you saw an Optician, or a qualified mental health professional?

I also can’t see your ‘‘no’’ vote yet. Come on don’t be shy now, be PROUD to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community! (and a registered sex offender too!) like @InCogneeto and @Hessian!

Thanks you just reminded me!

I don’t have access to that film so I asked another degenerate pervert to watch it for me and see if it’s in there.

He hasn’t got back to me yet and I forgot all about it. Cheers for the reminder!

Nobody gives a fuck about this. Nobody has liker your posts dragging me over here and trying to spread your whole troll pedo gimmick. Learn to read the room faggot.

Glad you are still mad about this!

You say nobody gives a fuck but clearly you do! and so do quite alot of people on the ‘‘Elias is a paedophile’’ thread

I ‘‘dragged’’ you over here against your will did I? Someone also seemed to like post 170 of this thread as well.

Isn’t it time you handed yourself in to the Police as this point?

For what faggot?:thinking:

Please stop coming at me with your homoerotic rape fantasies. Im all for good natured trolling but you are a weirdo faggot.

Attention whoring, weirdo troll faggot.

It’s a superior life compared to being a Marxist paedophile like yourself with multiple accounts Mr Capaedo.

Now why haven’t you voted ‘‘no’’ on the poll yet Elias?

Supporting the sexualisation of children by supporting them going to drag shows and giving money to performers for their disgusting dances. Would hate to see what the fuck is on your hard drive Elias.

Suck my dick faggot.

Simcerely, proffesional writer, marxist and enlightened liberal writer.

Elias Cepeda

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Yeah, im obviously Elias Cepeda.

How about you tell everyone how you figured out my secret? Why am i Elias? Im curious myself.

If anyone is wondering why Elias Capeda is embarrassing himself on this thread with one of his alternate accounts, it all started with this currently ongoing thread.

Check it out if you want some entertainment!

Now you are getting nasty. Look, just accept the fact you have terrible tastes in women.

And you probably have AIDS.

BTW, a prime Diane Lane was a fox. She’s at least an 8.

SMG is a 5 AT BEST

Thank you Elias for pointing out bad parenting you fucking tool.

No one understands your nonsense and nobody thinks its funny. Now suck my dick faggot.

Elias Cepeda

I am amused and i beleive i dont like you or most of your content.

Good day.

Keep at it @James_III

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You ever see an interview with this chick? Totally boring and anything sexy from her is so forced. Not her fault. She makes money as a sex symbol but you can tell she isn’t a sexual or passionate person when you hear her talk. Not my kind, I guess.