Poll: Was a prime Sarah Michelle Gellar attractive?

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Simcerely, proffesional writer, marxist and enlightened liberal writer.

Elias Cepeda

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Yeah, im obviously Elias Cepeda.

How about you tell everyone how you figured out my secret? Why am i Elias? Im curious myself.

If anyone is wondering why Elias Capeda is embarrassing himself on this thread with one of his alternate accounts, it all started with this currently ongoing thread.

Check it out if you want some entertainment!

Now you are getting nasty. Look, just accept the fact you have terrible tastes in women.

And you probably have AIDS.

BTW, a prime Diane Lane was a fox. She’s at least an 8.

SMG is a 5 AT BEST

Thank you Elias for pointing out bad parenting you fucking tool.

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Elias Cepeda

I am amused and i beleive i dont like you or most of your content.

Good day.

Keep at it @James_III

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You ever see an interview with this chick? Totally boring and anything sexy from her is so forced. Not her fault. She makes money as a sex symbol but you can tell she isn’t a sexual or passionate person when you hear her talk. Not my kind, I guess.

In your opinion, who is a 10? Just curious…

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Elias when he read your comment,

then afterwards when he calmed down,

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I’m sorry if you found that nasty Sir. It’s just that in 25 years I’ve never known any straight male ever claim she is ugly.

I just found it completely unbelievable, like finding square circles or something else technically impossible. Do you have a history of psychiatric disorders perhaps?

I’ii spare you the humiliation of putting Diane Lane head to head with SMG in a poll but you have certainly changed your tune abit like Hessian.

From being completely ugly to a 5 at best?

Public shaming works!

I was being nice.

I had a chance to think about it. I’m 41 right now and I acknowledge the posts about SMG’s complete lack of sexy curves. The reason I thought/think that she’s hot is because when I was 17 she was the hottest looking woman I’d ever seen (second only to Jennifer Love Hewitt who actually had the curves). “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. And she was MY AGE. I wasn’t some modern pervy 17 yr old looking for a curvy woman in her late twenties with a big ass and giant mom tits (may Allah bring blessings upon them now).

So I’m just assuming that the 5% (queers) who voted against SMG… were either in prison in the 90’s, or they weren’t born until the 2000’s+.


Lol, if you legit had one night with prime Sarah Michelle Gellar you’d be singing a different tune.


Thats cute. I hope youb two homos are happy rubbing dicks together.


Are you sure? Or are you beginning to break under the enormous pressure from the poll numbers?

I think it’s made you realize that you hold ‘‘extremist’’ views in the wider heterosexual community!

I’d rather have a 1night stand with Diane Lane.

Perhaps you missed the poll thread I made. I’ll post the link to thread. Hold on.