Poll: Was a prime Sarah Michelle Gellar attractive?

Here it is :slight_smile:

LMAO you proved my point for me!

-You didn’t make the poll votes public
-You posted the worst pictures of SMG
-You closed the poll when voting was clearly not going your way!
-Also my name isn’t Jamie
-Didn’t know you had made another thread

Shall I make another one using much more fair parameters? Maybe a screen name bet? Loser has to change it for one year?


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I closed the poll because I made my point.

The only “good” pics of SMG are airbrushed. There are no good pics of her. But at least you admitted she’s ugly by acknowledging “worst pictures.”

LOL you liar you ran the poll for less than a day!

the fact you closed it so quickly using biased parameters, and are not interested in a screen name bet for a year, tells me you don’t really ‘‘believe’’ in yourself here!

@James_III abort. Quite arguing with troll.
Repeat: abort. Come on home.

Care to explain yourselves gentlemen?


Hope you are enjoying celebrating Pride month with your people, before Allah rains down fire and brimstone upon you all.

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LOL @ “gaylord screenshot” as a filename


New (fair) poll in thread below, this time no anonymous voting, more balanced pictures and it will be open for more than a few hours!

This thread is now literally absurd and i like it.

Kaufmanesque even…

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Lol … Average at best, I’ve dated hotter and I’m no player.

I have no idea what Kaufmanesque means but you should certainly go and vote for SMG in the new thread!

Unless you are into necrophilia of course, which many people seem to have no issues openly admitting to for some reason?

You’ve dated hotter than someone who was once voted the sexiest woman in the world?

I also noticed that you didn’t say you’ve dater hotter ‘‘women’’. Remember just because a man identifies as a woman dosen’t make him one okay? You have to be born a woman to be a real woman.

Shocking I know…

Did she really get voted sexiest woman in the world?? In a feminist publication I bet.

And yes, I have dated hotter women than girl next door SMG!

Didn’t know FHM was a feminist publication! She also won by the democratic vote.

What is it with you and Sarah Michelle Gellar?! This thread expired about fifteen years ago.
Even in her prime she wouldn’t have warranted that level of obsession.

Does that not make the thread even more impressive? If it expired 15 years before it was actually created?

You have also missed bits of the thread as well.

He moonlights on here as yomamma… That’s his new SN.

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That account also has atrocious spelling and grammar as well, so it really wouldn’t surprise me!