Poll: Was a prime Sarah Michelle Gellar attractive?

100% this!


And any dude with three first names is usually a serial killer.

She was the hottest prime buttfuck tuesday starlet since sliced sex.


It’s a crime against humanity to deny her obvious beauty!




I don’t see Marisa Tomei on this list. I’d appreciate and edit right away!

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Like Jenna Fischer

Damn they look like they are boiling over or about to hatch

So the current poll numbers are,

372 - Yes she is attractive obviously

18 - No she isn’t and I’m a proud faggot

So far 391 people have participated in the poll. Is this the highest turn out for a poll on the OG so far?

What about tween Sarah?

No pictures of children please Pokanghoya,

I don’t want to encourage @Elias_Cepeda or his alternate account @AttractiveSofa

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I encourage you to suck my dick, but youve already made it clear that you prefer young boys.

I only find women with square jaws hot.

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So am i Elias Cepeda too?

No Elias you are projecting again I’m afraid.

Although I did forget you prefer little boys instead of adult women, so I admit I got your preferences wrong.


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Women who are born women, or men that identify as one?

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Whats my join date?

That sounds racist.

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Smackdown Live Reaction GIF by WWE

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