POLL: What is your vax status and level of regret?

  • Vaxxed with regret
  • Vaxxed neutral
  • Vaxxed no regrets
  • Unvaxxed with regret
  • Unvaxxed neutral
  • Unvaxxed no regrets
  • Wat?

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Got my 2 shots last year.

No regrets but LOL @ getting boosters or wearing masks indoors.


I’m pureblood



I’m vaxxed because I wanted to travel
I’ve had no side effects but honestly I wish I hadn’t , early on I guess I thought there was a point
Now it just pisses me off if they even mention any type of restriction now

Unvaxxed, no regrets.

My wife got the shot to visit her parents and felt like shit for months.

Le Shat


I was like wave 1 with the vax. I got it. I got it when it was supposed to do something. I suffered no ill effects. Now 2 years later the CDC tells me I had 12% coverage for 2 weeks or some shit. I got no boosters and my kids will NEVER get this shit done. Im done with all of it.

Edited to say I did get covid in February. Had a headache for about a day. That was it. Pretty easy for me. THANK GOD I WAS VAXXED IT COULD HAVE BEEN CERTAIN DEATH! LOL



A few weeks ago, while out of the country, I woke up feeling unwell. Headache, mild fever, muscle aches. Another guy who I had been around, full vax & boosted, felt the same way at the same time. On “home” tests, we both popped positive.

The next day we both felt about 98% better, and 3 days later we were both fine. But, I was testing positive on professional tests 9 days later.

The other guy is about 7 years older than me, but is in good shape. We could not figure out if one of us gave it to the other, or if we both caught it at the same time. Comparing symptoms & recovery, his vax/boost did not seem to give him any advantage, compared to me.

No regrets for me.

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