Poll: Who's your pick for Fedor vs Johnson at Bellator 269

  • Fedor Emelianenko
  • Tim Johnson

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This on tonight? It’s somehow flown under my radar.

They must be competing for the ultimate dad bod championship.


Johnson If it goes past the 2min mark.

Tomorrow, Sat 23rd.

Prelim 12:30 PM ET, Main Card 3:00 PM ET

Fedor but not putting even a small wager on it

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Tomorrow. On at the same time as the UFC event during the afternoon.

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My heart always say Fedor but this white boy is too big and his wrestling is too good. I think he might be able to beat Fedor standing but he would be stupid to risk it.

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Anybody Fedor hits is going down and thats all he does now is swing for the fences.

Problem is he literally cant take a jab anymore.

I think Fedor’s chin is big time suspect. Bader knocked him out, for Jake’s Sake even Mitrione knocked him out.

If you miss Fedor by 4 inch, he is going down cold due to the wind effect.

I don’t know the other dude, but chances are, if it’s not a fix Fedor is going to be KTFO.

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of course this would be an early card when I have to work Saturdays now. its like every Saturday is an early card for UFC and Bellator now lol

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I feel your pain but I love early cards. Enjoy Saturday night being responsibility free lol.

This is Fedors last fight on his contract.Fedor by submission…Long live the King and Daniel Cornier is just jealous cause Fedor is a bigger name than he will ever be and didn’t need the UFC to do it IMO…

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14 seconds away from victory


Well watching the fight, i stand corrected.
It wasn’t a fix, other than picking a guy who can’t fight. And was able to be in worse shape than Fedor.

But the KO was a beauty to watch, typical Fedor style.

I hate to point out, that hands were on the side, and anyone who can deliver a straight one-two combo would have leveled Fedor seconds before his left prepared the scene.