POLL: Will GABE Make Weight?

I say he wont....

I don't see why not. A couple of more "mudslides" and he's good to go.

I don't think he'll make weight based solely on the fact that they announced the matchup a week in advance.

Gabe will make weight and choke Corey out in the first.

^^^^^he will be to weak to take Corey down from cutting all that weight too quick!

I will be surprised if he makes weight.

Makes it and pulls off the win.

No, then OMA is introduced as his replacement.

No he will not make weight.

Gabe had Melvin G's back in his UFC debut, then was TKO's by a body

It'll be quick, either a KO or a submission.

how will gabe get to corey's back? he won't take him down. coreys height, reach and wrestling skills will give gabe problems. i don't think gabe will be able to fight hard for two rounds if he makes weight.

Gabe doesn't make weight.

This isn't a guess :)

"coreys height, reach and wrestling skills will give gabe problems"

Have they shown some of Coreys wrestling skills, I must have missed that. as far as I can tell he got picked for the show because he is a loudmouth and makes for good tv

cory seems very green.
green namer? I don't know.

Does Gabe's nuts weigh 10 pounds a piece?

Gabe makes weight and chokes out Corey...IMO

then he gets in a corner and cries himself to sleep

poll closed..lol

LOL @ all the Gabe dreamers.

What a failure he is. He wants to be a professional fucking fighter? I guess not!


to bad no fights because of totally tubular Gabe, but it was a funny
episode, 2 fights next week.