Pollice officer shoots himself

Here is a report from before the video was made available. He LIED about what happened. I'm shocked.


"It's very unusual. Obviously you have somebody that's used to handling firearms," John said. "It's very unusual to see somebody discharge a firearm, accidentally, in a confined space like that. It's very unusual."

The next day, Erlanger police said Jouett went to adjust his belt when the service weapon fired in its holster. It's unclear if he had the safety on.

The video hasn't been made available.

Jouett has more than 25 years of law enforcement experience with the Erlanger department.

plaxico burress does not approve

WTF was the idiot doing? LOL

Hey baby, check out my gun. I'm a bad ass. *bang* 



Can't forget the donuts! Phone Post 3.0

Isn't that the same cop who shot himself in front of that class but he's now bald? Phone Post 3.0

I laughed!

Was it a desk pop? Phone Post 3.0

Holly fucking waving the gun around.  It looks like he swept her at least once right before the negligent discharge.

This is still my favorite of all time! All time!!!

Do black people riot if a black police officer shots himself?

Plaxico says "prosecute!" Phone Post 3.0

It has been a couple of years since I watched that video of the cop in the classroom.............it never gets old. I just laughed harder than I had in the last week or so, and I've already seen the video dozens of times. So much fucking GOLD in that clip!!! 

sgotwalks -

This is still my favorite of all time! All time!!!

Lol. I love this comment.

I'm sure glad he wasn't demonstrating safety with hand grenades. Phone Post 3.0

Haha I grew up around that area. What a fucking idiot he should definitely be fired.