Pontius Pilate

Are there any historical records, traditions or legends about what happened to Pontius Pilate after Christ's crucifixion and resurrection?

The only thing the Bible mentions is that he and Herod became fast friends. But that doesn't mean the friendship lasted. I'd like to think Pilate became a Christian, as he seemed to be genuinely interested in Christ, unlike Herod who was simply amused by Him.


There is a book called "Há dois mil anos" (something like "two thousand years ago"), written by the spirit Emmanuel, thru the mediumship of Francisco Candido Xavier. Unfortunately I don´t know if it has been translated to English or not. It tells the story of Publio Lentulus, a roman senator, who met Jesus and lived in Jerusalem by the time Jesus was crucified. I´ve read this book three times, but it has many years I did it, and I don´t remember the details about Pilatus.

If you want to, I can make a research on it for you. If there is a book on the spiritist doctrin that says something about Pilatus, it is this one. It was written in an epic style like "Dear and Glorious Physician", by Taylor Caldwell.

Thanks Donna, but before doing a research, let's see if anyone on here has info. StKolbe, JoshuaB and others seem to be well-versed in history.

BMac, not much is mentioned about Pilate after the crucifixion. Theres legends and rumors about him becoming a follower of Christ, but nothing proven. Theres a legend about his wife being a follower, but again..nothing proven.

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I'd like to hear those legends, proven or not. Do you remember the specifics and the sources?

LOl Bmac..I wish I could remember where I read them. I actually think they are Catholic legends, so maybe you parish has books about it.

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Maybe the Discovery Channel show will do an episode on Pilate. I would tune in for that one. He recognized Christ's innocence and seemed close to the Truth.

actually theres a good book out there...can't remember the author's name but the book is called..."The Murder of Jesus", that deals with the fact that Pilate knew Jesus was innocent.

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His washing of the hands was an incredibly weak and spineless action. "I know it's wrong to condemn Him, but the people want it, so I have to put my personal beliefs aside."

I think pro-choice Catholic politicians are the modern-day Pontius Pilate. "I believe abortion is wrong, but people want it available, so I have to put my values aside." Governor Cuomo of NY built an entire speech around that.

you are right BMac..Pilate was a politican.When the sandhedrin said that he would be no friend of Ceaser..he did what almost every politican would do...he saved his career. He was flawed, just like the rest of us. He sentenced a innocent man to death. But hey..it was all part of the plan.

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I havent found very much in history that talks about pilate.

Josephus says there was an encounter with the Samaritans, who filed a complaint with Vitellius, the governor of Syria and Pilate's superior. Vitellius deposed Pilate and ordered to the emperor in Rome to answer for his behavior.

as I understand it, its all legend how he died. Eusebius wrote that Pilate was exiled to the city of Vienne on the Rhone in Gaul (France) where he eventually committed suicide.

There is also a German legend that says he was an illegitamate son of Tyrus, king of Mayence, who sent him to Rome as a hostage.

There he committed a murder and was sent to Pontus, where he subdued the barbarous tribes, receiving in consequence the name of Pontius, and was sent to Judea.

Outside of that you want to ask IBI or MS, they knows MUCH more about that regions history that I do. I believe other than this, everything we have about him comes from the scriptures.

Thanks Josh. If Pilate committed suicide, that's not a good end. I'm still holding out hope for him.

We'll see what Kolbe, IBI and MS have.

Sorry, I don't really know what happened to Pilate...very interesting topic though!

Can't really add much, since I'm not that well-versed in the extra-Biblical sources about Pilate.Pilate is mentioned in Philo's Embassy To Gaius:http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/5210/gaggripa.htm(Scroll down to 299, and start reading from there.)Then there are the references in Josephus, as mentioned above:Jewish Antiquities:http://www.ccel.org/j/josephus/works/ant-18.htm(Scroll down to Chapter 3, and start reading from there.)The Jewish War:http://www.ccel.org/j/josephus/works/war-2.htm(Scroll down to chapter 9, and start from there.)

I will check them out, thanks.