Poop 2 or 3 times per day

I just got done taking my third dump of the day. It seems like I usually go 2 or 3 times a day, is this normal and healthy?

I told you you're full of shit! :) jk. I'm in the 1-2 range. CAN wrestler

1 or 2 a day.

More if I have a fight coming up!

That is the part about eating 6-8 times a day that the media doesn't tell you about.

i wish i could go 3 times a day.

i'm lucky if i make it once.

eating 5-6 times a day becomes a little
unappealing when you can't get rid of it at some

3-4 here.

More if there's good reading material in the john at work.

Totally normal.

More before a fight, as I said, but even more than that if my opponent is particularly mean looking.

1-2 times a day.

1 but sometimes 2 a day.

lol @ BJJCT


i make 6 or 7 trips to the men's room each day, about half of those include sitting.


3 to 4 dumps. Sometimes more. First thing in the morning. Around noonish. Before I leave from work. Finally sometime in the evening.

2-3 x per day. More if I've eaten a lot of fiber and a lot more if I'm nervous.

Pooping is so much nicer when you've got proper amounts of fiber. Gotta love those clean breaks...

once a ay, but I pee all the time


Not only do I "drown some brown" 3 times a day, but I also get quite a bit of reading done as well.

Three times is quite a bit. 1-2 a day for me.

But I did have a friend in high school who would take 2 dumps before going to school. He was a special breed. Finished 2 whole pizzas in under a half hour.

daggum, i wish i could take a dump 3 times a day.

I feel my day is incomplete without having at least 2 good shits a day. Three or 4 would be ideal for that pooping satisfaction.

Once or twice a day. I think it is due to exercise and
a high fiber diet. Most old folks seem to have
trouble but I don't.