poop my pants sparring...

There's a professional fighter down at my gym who needs stand up sparring partners for his upcoming fight. He asked me to work with him to help him get ready. Now folks... I'm called "white belt senior" for a reason, I'm the typical weekend warrior. I'm always happy to help, and I always crap myself before every sparring match. Seriously, for him it's a light work out, for me it's a fight for my life. I always have to take a deep breath before I step into the cage with him and psyche myself up. I find myself wondering "how in the HELL did I get myself into this mess"?

Sorry bout yer luck.


seppuku is your only path...

I suggest you use an umbrella as your choice of suicide weapon.

... or a pitchfork.

Webcam that shit, too.

hmmm, maybe I will web cam, I'll see if they have one at the gym. Could always use pointers from the pros in here.

lol, untappable, olympic medal winning gang member


LOL @ the gang signs... "I'm down for my homies!" If you knew how absolutely white I am it would be twice as funny.

Fuck that pro. Hurt him bad.