Poopshoot Riot vs DPAS in Halo 2

i bet my team will own you bitches how about sat night 1130pm EST

Let's get it on, I should probably be around and am always up for a game. Is this poopenheimer's clan and what is your xbox live name fox? Not sure if I have you on my list or not.

yeah its Poops clan. hey Pun stop drinking nonalcohalic beer and pretending your drunk lol

my name is "x F0X x" spelled with a zero


Just call me Mr. BulletCatcher!

Can we play a clan match of DonkeyPunch ala: Popeye's version?

I'm pretty confident that DPAS will mop the mats w/you guys in slayer and king of the hill, however, the other objective games we still have room to improve in.

Prepare to be humiliated... win or lose.

we'll play strait team slayer with the winning team picking the next map first map should be the gultch best of three