Poor Choice for ADCC 2007

I am not sure why Miguel Iturrate and others chose New Jersey for the location of ADCC 2007 but if your going to pick a good location for the worlds most illustrious grappling event, New Jersey isn't at anyone's top of the list.

In a personal conversation with Gilberto from Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear I asked him what his opinion was and he said he told Miguel that California was the best place to have it. Gilberto also added that it wasn't ultimately his decision and he was overruled.

The MECCA for Jiu Jitsu other than Brazil is California. Why wouldnt you go back to the Pyramid in Long Beach? California provides such a large draw for people who want to attend and theres more Jiu Jitsu masters there than anywhere else in the nation.

and the kick back attitudes and lifestyle also add to it's unique positioning power to host Abu Dhabi.

In addition, if your going to have a grappling event in a country dont keep changing the location of the venue. ADCC will increase their branding power and exposure of Submission Wrestling by sticking to one area (California) and creating a memorable event from there.

In addition, what does New Jersey have to do with Submission Fighting? When you think of submission grappling do you automatically envision the dreamy landscape of Trenton New Jersey?

Choosing a Mickey Mouse venue contributes to the erosion of the advertising power ADCC wields and
leaves people who support grappling to really
question ADCC's decision making abilities.
Does anyone want to come early to enjoy the sights and sounds of New Jersey?

Last year I got to California two days early, bought some shirts at Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear went to Rey Diogo and the Gracie Academy and went to an amusement park. California has the ocean, women and Jiu Jitsu. Does it get any better than that?
What does New Jersey have? I guess New York city is close by with traffic, a lot of people and sooty smog to breathe.

ADCC needs to sell their events. They need to tell people why they chose the venue and why it will further the exposure of submission grappling.

Location, Location, Location. It works for
the success of a martial arts school and it will
also work for ADCC Submission Wrestling.

The only thing I look forwad to for ADCC 2007 is buying a Coney Island hot dog, breathing some smog and amusing myself with some skanky chick from New Jersey.
Damn, I am already depressed. Happy Grappling.

And maybe they should pick the best place for the Super Bowl and have it there every year.

I guess Renzo and Marcello Garcia have some pull on the East coast.

ADCC= Long Beach Pyramid. There are other venues in L.A, but too cost prohibitave. Long Beach is 20 minutes from LAX, they also have Long Beach airport, much less traffic than downtown, many hotels and so many other attractions. If your going to make the trip to ADCC, you wnat to get the most bang for the buck.

Tokyo and Rio de Janero would bring great competitors, but few overseas fans.

Everyone is now dumber for having read your post.

You don't have to go, by the way where are you from that's so great that you are bagging on NYC? One of the most important cities in the world.

NJ isn't the shit hole you think it is. Does it have shitty areas? Of course.

Don't bag on it until you really know about it. It may not be sunny California, but it is definitely not what you think it is.

I was the co-promoter for ADCC 2005 , but I do not have anything to do with ADCC 2007.So my choice could not have being overrulled.


West coast gets Pan Ams, Nationals, and a whole bunch of other major tournaments. Believe it or not, there are people on the east coast that would be interested in attending these events that can't afford a trip over to Cali. Stop being greedy.

although i live on the east coast, i wouldn't mind

flying out to Cali again! i had an awesome time out there

FACT: Brian Cimins is the Co-promoter of the ADCC in the US at least.

FACT: Brian Cimins calls New Jersey home.


I have to say that I'm stoked due to it being reasonably close to my home(at least driving distance for a small road trip)

I think some of the comments deserve
some clarification on this thread. I dont
think New Jersey is a hell hole although
my previous thread was a bit exaggerated.

I think my major gripe is that Abu Dhabi
is grapplings most significant event and
offers such great exposure for submission
wrestling that the switch from the Long Beach
Pyramid to the venue in New Jersey really
questions the intent of the promoters.

What is the gain to promote ADCC this
time from the New Jersey location?

From a marketing perspective what is the
point of changing ADCC from California
where you would seemingly have much
greater audience attendance to New Jersey
where I dont see as great of a potential
to build an audience.

And I dont think the East Coast sucks
cause I lived in DC for a few years and
competed up in Bayonne. I just dont
understand the reasoning behind the change
and until I attend next years ADCC I would
choose California any day over New Jersey.

Also, getting around in the New York, New Jersey
area is going to be more difficult than travel
in California.

And finally, WHY New Jersey when you have Atlanta, Florida, DC or Las Vegas?

Sorry, no offense to anyones domicile I
know East Coast grapplers are damn
good just question the marketing tactics
behind the 2007 location?

They move the Olympics around, so why not the Olympics of sub wrestling (ADCC)? It builds a wider audience for those that can't travel cross country due to time/cost as a spectator. As long as they pick a place where a lot of people train (like CA, FL, NY) then it should be cool.

As for smog in NJ vs smog in LA, you're joking on that one. Oh, and I drove through Trenton a couple of times and it's not too bad. I'm looking forward to being there!

NJ is a lot easier (and cheaper) to get to from Europe than LA.

I think if it s close enough to NYC, its a good call even in May.

It's great for my guys, because going to NJ is a lot more affordable than LA.

Yeah , now the fact that you invoke
Brian Cimins may be a plausible reason.

So heres the thing: If Brian markets
the event like a madman and its
raises the visibility of the event
then great.

So, seriously, any cool academies
near Trenton New Jersey and how
far away are they?

WTF wants to go to NJ? I mean really?

And why did the worlds best sub grappling show have a qualifier with unfilled brackets? Your telling me they didnt have enough people who wanted in? bs. Im sure having them in NJ didnt help eithe. imo cimmins is dropping the ball.


NAGA set records last spring for the largest grappling tourney EVER (largest number of participants), and it was held in NJ, not far from where the ADCC trials were held.

Doesn't that sound like a legitimate reason to put on a BIG grappling event there--to see if you can pull a BIG number of grappling fans?

If you drive 20 min. away from Jersey City, Irvington, Newark, and Paterson areas, you will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful NJ can be, especially as you go further west toward PA or northwest toward Sussex County. NJ gets a bum rap for being a shithole because all most travelers see is Newark Airport or the Turnpike.

So basically a Cali guy is crying because it's not there.

I think my major gripe is that Abu Dhabi is grapplings most significant event and offers such great exposure for submission wrestling that the switch from the Long Beach Pyramid to the venue in New Jersey really questions the intent of the promoters.

What is the gain to promote ADCC this time from the New Jersey location?

The underlined passage answers your own question. it provides exposure. I just don't see your point, unless you are upset that it is moving farther away from you.