Poor cornerman behavior

Obviously most corners are going to be excited when their fighter wins a fight, but at what point does their behavior become disrespectful?

Here is an example. This video starts right after a fighter won via KO. Watch the winning fighters corner in the red hat. He runs in and immediately starts mocking the still unconscious fighter. Notice him putting his hands on the side of his face pretending like he is asleep. This video was shot from the worst possible angle, but if you pay attention to this guy you will see that he never lets up.

What do you guys think?

 You setting me up here ?

I expected a Jason Guida thread. But is there a backstory here perhaps?

No there isnt really any history between these two. These are two of the better guys in the state at this weight, so there has been some anticipation for this fight, but no bad blood or anything. Actually, the fighter who got knocked out never even knew who the guy in the red hat was until after this whole thing.

The description you gave made it sound like the cornerman ran up to the unconscious fighter hovered over him and mocked him. Instead, it looks to me like he was off to the side, talking with the winner about how coo it was that he just put his opponent to sleep. I didn't really see anything that looked like he was mocking the downed fighter in the way you decribed.

Here is a picture from the fight showing the kind of stuff he was doing.  He constantly did this until after the fighter woke up.  Then he started running his mouth.  Watch him and you will see it.  Again, the camera angle is not the best.

Ah, I gotcha now. From the other angle it looked like he was talking to the other fighter. Yeah, he's a douche and a half.

MMA attracts a lot of losers.

That guy is pure trash. I hate seeing that in MMA.

depends what was said before the fight .. if nothing then somebody should give that guy a punch in the head