Poor Kings

First team to ever lose a game 7 in the playoffs three consecutive years. And on top of that, they also lost game 5 in the first round of the 2000 playoffs against the lakers to go home when the nba had the first round set to a 5 game series. Tough times for kings fans

lol, fyi fruitcake, the Kings didn't even make the playoffs in 1999, then they got spanked by the Lakers, and then they got robbed by Bavetta. ;)

Don't make me bust out the Kings fan revisionist history. :)

fuck you to death laker fans!!!!!!!!

- Kobe

1999? i'm talkin lost in 5 against the lakers in the first round in 2000, lost in 7 to the lakers in the quarters in 2001, kings lost to the lakers in 7 in the west semi's in 2002, dallas beat the kings in 7 last year and minnesota beat them in 7 this year.. Looks like i'm wrong, it's been 5 bad years :0

Where the hell did the flopsta get 1999 from? you been listenin to prince again? ;)