Poor poor Shogun...

On his way to beating hendo and get back in contention and then boooom H-bomb straight on the nose. Now he is 0-2 vs the oldest guy in the UFC and needs a new nose. Will he ever be back in top 5-10 and who is next? Phone Post 3.0

He should go to 185 Phone Post 3.0

Bisping beats him at 185. Phone Post 3.0

I doubt he will ever be back in top contention...

This will be the next batch of legends to fall from grace:



Anderson Silva

He needs to stop fighting and pass on his knowledge to his students. The guy has nothing left to prove to anyone, and should be in the HOF if he chooses to step away.

I thought he was looking phenomenal up until that shot that dropped him.

Shogun has plenty of fight left in him. Thus was just a major set back. Phone Post 3.0

He kicked Hendo's ass 4 rounds straight. Completely beat his ass the last two rounds of his last fight and first two of this fight. But Hendo did what he does.....landed the H-Bomb. And it was all for nothing.

In thought Shogun looked really good. Crisp striking, good wrestling. Taking a bomb on your face like that could put anyone down. Phone Post 3.0

shogun looked great tha tfight...he made a mistake (dropping hand and circling towards the h bomb) and paid the price against someone you shouldnt make that mistake against



I am a huge Hendo fan, but Shogun kicked his butt up until that punch. I think he still has it, maybe not 2005 Shogun, but I think he is still great. It does seem like he could be a bit faster/stronger though. Phone Post 3.0