Poor Ricco...

For updated pictures/video of Ricco, go to www.wfa.tv... He looks better than he did but still has a hell of a long way to go

WOW, great card!



Is that CUO with hair?

Wow, it's hard to even see the UFC champ in there. It's hard to imagine him having any wind at that weight. I wish him well in regaining his fitness.

I wish he would call out Kyle again like he did after the UFc that time....

Give the guy a break, he's obviously lost some of the bulk he just has a ways to go!

For being THAT fat, Ricco's cardio is actually pretty good. It was awesome at 240-245 though. Hope he gets there again.

yikes, he must have been on the Dan Severn plan...LOL

In MMA, nobody. I'm guessing that record isn't MMA.

"Lyoto Machida's record is listed as 11-4-0.

Who did he lose to? "

He hasn't lost to anyone. That is just a screw up that i'm sure they're fixing. They also have Miller at 18-3. But you have to look at the roster page, not the results page. The roster page actually has their records correct.

"Is he in the SuperHW division? I can't see him being under 265."

Not every promotion is like the UFC. PRIDE for example, they don't have a SHW division. They just say antyhing above 205 is heavyweight.

"If you're going to have a fat baloney gut, at least let that big piece of shit hang over your pants."

I'd rather him hide it.

I seriously hope ricco becomes a force again.


This card is great hope i get to see it in the UK, finally there could be some serious competition for the UFC

"If they are in the US, I am sure they are under the CSAC or NSAC rules, which I imagine are the same."

Not that I know of.

spent $ on tattoos - shoulda bought ephedra

"Not that I know of."

You know wrong.

he will be back in shape by the end of this year,he just needs alittle time

"seriously, how the fuck could he let himself get that fat?" - injuries, depression, and compulsive eating disorder most likely.

Ricco's fighting Waterman, another guy who can't make 265 so it's a good bet it's at SHW. Their last fight went to the judges and was pretty boring, hopefully this one turns out better.