Poor Sak

This guy has to have the crappiest luck:

1) Represented Takada's dojo for years
2) Had Matsui as his star pupil
3) Was owned by the Yakuza
4) Fought against a guy that was too oiled up to be taken down
5) Fought against and lost to huge roided Brazilians- Vanderlei Silva and Royce.
6) Had to bribe Quinton Jackson to let him win.

Any others?

He beat "Page" fairly squarely.

He waspretty damn lucky when it came to winning against the Gracies.

7) Was promised a fight by Dana in the UFC, which never transpired.

8) Has such a fear of flying, that it took him over a decade before he got over it and flew to the US to fight.

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See the sadness in his eyes?

9) died in a car crash several months ago

Kying you're trolling with the Rampage bit. Saku beat Rampage fair and square. Rampage himself admitted that he didn't take the supposed and offer and now DSE's lawyers have PAPERWORK showing that it was for losing in exciting fashion, not for losing flat out.

The higher has spoken the correct.

forgot Arona

I doubt Sak cares right now. He probably has a belly full of Saporo, two
lungs full of Marlboro, and a spicy young Asian on each nut. His legacy is

menthols are what old women smoke

They're good on e though...

Sak was lucky to get the armbar on King Kong in round 3.