Poor Scott Morris!! He is Gone!

SMR please come back! I know you left to find your one true love that broke your heart! That wasn't right of her to do that she took advantage of you! I know it was a BIG problem with you.

Please everyone on this forum lets start up a Please come back fund for SMR!

Be supportive to a fellow ug'er when he needs our help!

Scott Morris Please come back we miss you!!!

I hear his favorite kind of Pie is Pumpkin!

I eat only hairy pie.


FlyingTriangle, are you the mma fighter from Carlson Gracie??

What happened to Stephan?

This is what happened to SMR.

He hooked up with a chick named Belinda and she ended up being a man/drag queen/pre-op for a gender operation.

They dated for several months with SMR receiving oral sex on a steady basis. When he wanted to perform oral she/he just kept saying it wasn't her thing to receive or be touched there and that he/she wanted to take their time. However with her/him being post-op she/he where taking estrogen meds., and she/he had small firm breasts which SMR desired and was allowed to kiss and fondle when his heart desired.

His dreams and heart where broke when he accidentally walked into his bathroom when he/she was in there. And sure enough he/she was using the toilet standing up. I heard SMR went nuts and destroyed his place, and almost decided to quit training in jiu jitsu.

This is all BS.

I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with SMR as he an alright guy, and hopefully he reads my stupid post and responds. This way we know he is still kicking it.



This is the transvestite Belinda. RE: SMR's status...I have him tied up in my basement with this gorgeous Dutch ballgag I ordered from homedungeon.com. My pretty little Ethiopian boy toy is understandably occupied and can't come and write this himself. However, he'd like for me to wish for him on his behalf a very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all his friends and training partners.

As for YOU, Wiley....You weren't supposed to tell, bad boy. You weren't supposed to tell them about mine and SMR's "hookup"....So now I'm coming for you....SMR tells me your nickname is "The Animal. Hmmm, let's find out shall we? :)

By the way, I'm pre-op, thank you very much. Get it right.

FlyingTriangle, I know your jealous that I picked SMR over you. Don't worry, sugar, I've been making some calls to take care of you. I've finally found a Caledonia country midget that's just right for you...her name is Melvo. That should be exactly what you're looking for.

I'll be back every so often to give you guys an update on the Anorexic's status.

Until then, Toodaloo.

midgets are funny

Midgets are funny but midget pre-ops are even funnier. I heard SMR is now running with a rogue/gypsey group of pre-op midgets from Miami Beach now living in Hamilton.