Poor Semmy...

His fight with Sergei was brutal - did anyone else hear him grunting in pain while taking those hammerstrikes to the face?

He is still a jabbing machine. With his incredible grip, he could become a real sub threat over time if he put the efforts in. He's already way better on the ground that he was before.


i almost felt sorry for him But thats what he gets paid to do

I took the grunts as desperation for not being able to escape the position. The ref stopped it I think cause Semmy couldn't escape and kept getting hit, not cause he was TKOd. Sem's corner was pissed at the stoppage. I was waiting for him to go out the back door but it seemed like Kharitonov found the perfect position to avoid the death grip.

great balance showed by Kharitonov. I too thought Semmy would eventually get out through the back door.

His jab is an awesome punch. He jacked Kharitonov at least a couple of times with it.

Everytime he connects with the jab, the reaction in his opponent's face is the same - ouch that hurt and where did that come from?

Its like they cant beleive the reach and accuracy. He showed good stuff from the bottom. He's on his way if continues to learn.

Man I thought he'd lose sight in his eye after all those shots, good stoppage.

Schilt, once he starts to learn the use of his legs in the guard could get very dangerous.

His eye was getting messed up though. Very sadistic attack from Sergei, he had Semmy at his mercy and was just pulping his right eye.

I can't believe anyone didn't like that stoppage. Semmy was really getting fucked up. If that fight was in the UFC it would have been stopped about a minute before they stopped it in Pride.

I hated hearing Semmy groan like that. Sounded like he was being tortured.

Scew feeling sorry for him! He was trying to Sergei head off...ha.

I still respect Semmy. but he has to find a way to avoid getting taken down so easily because he clearly is still somewhat out of his element on the ground. sergei is a true badass, but for whatever reason I still am not all that thrilled to see him fight.