Popcorn, how do you like it?

Butter, if you don't put butter on your popcorn just GTFO.

Soya sauce, yeast, little bit if black pepper... Delicious

Yours? Phone Post 3.0

Arare and furikake or GTFO. Phone Post

Butter and salt, lots and lots of each. I see no need to mess with perfection.

Fucking love popcorn. Eating it right now. I'll eat any kind, but I'm partial to movie popcorn. Phone Post 3.0

Usually butter and salt. Every now and again I'll use less butter and salt and at hot sauce and lime. Cheese puffs are also really good with lime and not sauce Phone Post

Tapatio /thread Phone Post 3.0

That fake butter from the movies with dill pickle and white cheddar sauce Phone Post

Wait.....you said YEAST? Phone Post 3.0

Hot sauce. Louisiana brand.

All day. Phone Post

Forest Whitakers Lazy Eye - Wait.....you said YEAST? Phone Post 3.0
Yes sir, ill have to check what kind but its not flakes its almost a fine powder... So good Phone Post 3.0

I like kettlecooked for the microwavable stuff

But lots of movie theater butter and some salt on top at the cinema is the best Phone Post

90% of the time just butter and salt, but every now and then I will throw on buffalo sauce

Butter and more butter Phone Post

I'd bring a spoon to eat my popcorn if the kid at the concession stand would lay on the butter spout for as long as I want him too. It's not enough until there's a real danger that the bottom of your popcorn tub will melt apart. Phone Post 3.0

homemade with salt and pepper. no butter.

I've tried it with brewers yeast. It's spent yeast leftover from beer making, and a popular supplement for vegetarians to boost vitamin b.

Not my personal fave, but not bad.

My personal favorite is butter, sprinkles of Johnny's seasoning salt and tony cacheres Cajun seasoning. Phone Post 3.0

Gawd I love movie popcorn. It's just about the worst thing for you and twice as yummy for it.

For a long time I got off the butter lane and went to the "healthier" seasonings they offer. But a while back I tried butter again, especially in a theater with real butter, and the butter demon hooked me again. Movie popcorn with butter and a giant diet coke (real coke way too filling) is my crack.
3 hours later I feel like embalming fluid is coursing through my stomach, but it's worth it.


Like a party in your mouth and everyone's invited.

Calebcb -

Winnaz Phone Post