popped a rib

Was at the gym, leaned over to grab a 40 lbs dumbbell and it was this weird pain... lifted my shirt and was like wtf!! It looked so weird just poking out. I pushed it back in, but its def sore. Will it be okay? or is it going to pop right back out?

I need to know the diameter of your butthole before thw incident and after to diagnose Phone Post 3.0

I do this all the time. It'll take a long time to heal up. Relax and take time off to heal Phone Post 3.0

Floating rib? I have popped both of mine at the same time (knee on belly). Painful but nothing life threatening. I went to the doc after a few days of feeling like sneezing would kill me, he just said, unless you start feeling severe pain youre fine. Severe pain could mean your rib has move into an internal organ and is poking it. Mine still pop in and out but it doesnt cripple me like the first time.

Although I'm no Doc and your miles may vary.

appreciate it. Going in to train legs tomorrow, we'll see how it holds up and feels.

Force yourself to breathe deeply even if its painful.