Popular Sitcoms That You Hate

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There have been an absurd amount of sitcoms between the networks if you count partial seasons. Literally hundreds. Probably thousands if not tens of thousands of pilots done as well.

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Yeah there definitely have been. Everyone trying to recreate Seinfeld or Roseanne. You would think eventually people would stop trying to make them

Idk if it counts as a sitcom but ive seen a few episodes of Rick & Morty and i cant understand whats so great about it.

Sitcoms were for a simpler time and were burning out by the 80s. By the 90s sitcoms were often making fun of themselves.

Nothing wrong with people being so bored that they would watch sitcoms. Now they just watch titktok instead.

Dan Harmon sucks. He’s like an incel edgy bro.

Seinfeld is the most overrated sitcom of all time

And Curb is my favourite sitcom of all time

You’re a unicorn

It gets a lot of love on this forum, but I always found Married With Children to be pretty weak. Never bought into the cliched characters and predictable one liners.

The Simpsons was wittier, and its a cartoon.

Did you watch it when it was new? It’s hard to watch now, but at the time it felt fresh.

Yep, I do remember when the show was new in the late 80’s and didn’t understand why some of my friends thought it was so hilarious. I know Ed O’Neill is a great guy and a fan of MMA and Christina Applegate was a babe, but I just found the show too cliched and predictable to be funny.

I didn’t think it was funny back when it was originally running but now I can laugh at some of it since they’re jokes you can’t say anymore

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Best sitcoms ever:

All in the Family

I was in my teens when it was new, so it was just raunchy enough for me. It’s hard to watch now, though.