Popular Ubuntu Forums???

Anyone know any heavy traffic ubuntu forums?

I posted on some and haven't got any responses yet. I figure I need to find a real popular one.

Just incase anyone here can help me, here are my problems.

I recently did an update and these 2 things started happening:

  1. When I hook up my 40GB ipod it only reads 15GB worth of space. After those 15GB it says there is no more space. Meanwhile I plug it into a windows pc and it tells me I have 22GB left.

  2. When I turn on my external HD, the icon doesn't pop up on my desktop anymore and I can't access it.

Like I said those things started happening after the last massive update.

I'm also having a problem with .rar files. For some reason when extracting, I ALWAYS get asked for a password even if it is NOT password protected.

Thanks for any help.

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or ubuntuforums.org

I can't seem to log on there. I registered and did the email thing and it tells me I successfully registered.

Then When I try to sign in, it tells me I have an incorrect password. I gave up.

That seems to be the most popular forum (official one I think) so you might want to try again, contact an administrator, etc.