Pornstar to fight Kimo for 1 mil?



Can Dick Delaware put Kimo in a rear naked choke?

Edited Press Release: Former porn star Aaron Brink, whose stage name is Dick Delaware, is already slated to appear in New Era Fighting's "World's Toughest Man" MMA contest, but now says he wants to fight his "close friend" MMA star Kimo, for what he hopes can be a million-dollar, winner-take-all purse. "I hate to say it because he's a great guy and a dear friend," Brink a/k/a Delaware noted, "but for $1 million I'm going to put our friendship aside for a night with Kimo. We've trained together in the past but never fought. We've talked about it; either he or I will be victorious and take the $1-million. It's business, not personal. I can even see us training together leading up to the fight. Knowing him and knowing what he's capable of, I can't really say who'll win until it's all done with. I really can't say anything other than if he wins, it'll be by submission; if I win it'll be by knockout, a strike. I'm known as a slugger and he's good at submissions. He'll use his grappling skills, but I've been working on being a more complete fighter, and I will be prepared for him."

lol. Aaron Brink would KO Kimbo imo!

"lol. Aaron Brink would KO Kimbo imo!"

Seamus...Kimbo or Kimo?

Waste of money.

Oh it registered as Kimbo. Dammit! Well Brink will beat Kimo as well. Kimo has gone so far down hill. Where as Brink has been really training like a madman lately.

Brink would smash Kimo, but who cares about this fight?

The dream scenario is that the fight goes down and the earth opens wide and swallows the ring killing everyone involved with putting the fight together.

agreed, machine!

Didn't Brink have some street fights website where he made a challenge video to Kimbo Slice?

Perhaps to avoid confusion, is he challenging Kimo Leopoldo or Kimbo Slice?

Kimo Leopoldo has been off the radar for a while wereas Kimbo Slice is making news but I doubt that he and Brink ever trained together.

Well I know what Brink is capable of. He has had issues get in the way alot of his past fights. He wont make the excuses on his own, cuz he is a classy guy. I consider Brink a good friend and personally would like to see him get back on track.

The question is: Who is willing to put up a mil for this fight?

HYBRID think you missed with that post.......

Rickson by armbar

I'm assuming HybridJon posted on the wrong thread.

Brink wants to fight KIMO as in Leopoldo from Hawaii.

Kimo should fight Kimbo, that would make more sense...

Mispost, wrong thread... Shit who would of ever thought we could accidentally post on the "Porn star" thread while trying to actually post on the "WWE guy that smothered his kid" thread, here on the UG?

Is this the guy?

Name Aaron Brink
Record 20 - 17 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw) ( 1 NC )
Wins 18 (T)KOs (90.00%)
2 Submissions (10.00%)
Losses 4 (T)KOs (23.53%)
12 Submissions (70.59%)
1 Decisions (5.88%)
Height 6'3 (190cm)
Weight 203lbs (92kg)
Style Submission Fighting
Birth Date 11/12/1974
City San Diego
State California
Country USA

Why would that fight be worth more than five dollars? Somebody is smoking crack...

"has Brink been active lately???"

yes, but more as a lover than as a fighter...