Porsche 928 $4/carfax question

I'm gonna test drive an '88 s4 asap, seriously considering the purchase. High miles (155k), 2nd owner, full receipt trail to original purchase of all repairs and maintance. It's due for a timing belt/water pump (last one was at 113k). If there are any 928 owners/mechanics here, your input is appreciated.

I'm going to post the VIN in a few minutes, can someone carfax it for me?

Yeah I already have an awesome porsche mechanic that's gonna look at it - and I'm obviously considering the timing belt/water pump with the offer I'm going to make. I'm test driving it Weds....I hope I don't love it.
I've driven a couple before so I'll know what to compare it to, and I really want a convertible out here in the beach cities.....so maybe I'll be smart and pass on it.

I always loved the 928, but my dad who is a audi/bmw/porsche technician told me they are probably one of the worst porsches ever made. I still think about buying one on the cheap for shits.

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the only porsche that could be considered any worse is the dreaded 917. I'd stay clear of this car if you don't want to sink your money into it.

Gabora has brought more incorrect than anybody in the history of the internet has ever brought to a thread before. Here is the photographic proof of his incorrectness.I give you........the porsche 917. If you come to daytona speedway this weekend, you will see most of the historic racing porsches including one of the above 917s as porsche is having a 50th anniversery for the speedster and a 40th anniversery of the 911. Many are being flown over from the porsche factory museum.......including porsche #1 which is priceless and in perfect condition.The porsche 917 was only dreaded by the people who raced against it. It was so dominant that ferrari, mclaren, and ford whimpered until they got them banned. 917specs Now back to the 928S-4 question.........The labor alone will be in excess of 700 bills or more as there will certainly be a leaking cam seal or two. My time is billed at 99 dollars per hour at lexus so you can imagine a qualified porsche tech will charge about the same. The job time is in excess of 6 hours (most likely 7) as that car has 4 cams and the longest timing belt in the auto industry which has to be perfectly tensioned lest the car eat itself alive in a short amount of time. Number one you should know is that no two cars will cost the same to upkeep and a high mileage car, if maintained properly, may be a better buy than a low mileage car that was never maintained. That said, I would want to see reciepts for whatever new parts the owner will claim have been replaced as there should be a shitload of replaced parts.If he can't, forget the car and look for a cherry example and expect to pay top dollar.

I had to walk away from it today....Drove great, fast as hell, especially over 40.....Body/interior in GREAT shape, but too many little things that add up, plus shows me how well he took care of the car, in general. I saw $15K worth of receipts up until the second owner bought it, and then NONE. This dude's moving to Hawaii in 5 weeks and needs to sell it before then - if I haven't found a car by then and he still has it, I'll seriously low-ball him, see what he says.

Ponyboy - I actually made this same thread for you on the OG a few days ago...I figured you'd have an opinion on it.

I meant 914. sorry.

The car you're talking about is not allowed on the road while the 914 is a sack of shit.

I'd have a 914 over a 924, any day. You can get those fuckers to fly and there's few cars that handle as well...well at least back then.

it's a PORSCHE, you shouldn't have to put $$$ into it to make it go faster! I don't know what the stats are on the 914 but I'd be surprised as hell if they could hit 0-60 in 10sec. and do the 1/4 in 18. The old 356's are faster AND handle just as well and their from the fifties ffs.

white is correct about them being glorified mg's imo. Worst porsches in porsche history have to be the 914, 924 and then the 928 imo. All other porsches were gems, from the spyder that killed james dean to the the 356 to the 959.

928s4 was the fastest production car in it's day - it broke the bonneville land speed record for a factory vehicle. Luxury and perormance, good combo, IMO.

The s4 version was the last 928 made and by then they had ironed most of the kinks out and it WAS a fast car but still heavy and unrefined by porsche standards imo. The top end on the car was great but and it was more of a touring car but it didn't handle quite as well as the smaller porsche's, namely the 911 and 944(which were one of the most neutrally balanced cars in its time).

IF I were to get a 928 it would HAVE to be an s4 but I'd still rather have a 944s or turbo.

No, the GTS was the last version, and before that, the GT was. I'd never own a 944.

I thought the s4 was the last version...oh well. Either way they weren't the cream of the crop for the money. I guess it boils down to personal preference but I still think the 944s or turbo version are more refined.

Porsche 914?This 914 won it's class at lemans while the 917 won outright. This one won at daytona. This one and it's other team members came in 1-2-3 at the nurburgring. This one won the imsa championship. Here's the underside of one. Incidently......the 928gts had 345hp back in the day.

You can make anything go fast...i still wouldn't drive or buy either one. I've seen a video of a caravan running 11's, do i think it's a good car? no. Would i want to drive it? no.

Not a good idea to diss any porsche as just about every single model ever made won the biggest races in the world at least once. The 924 won it's class at lemans two years in a row. This factory production car made 375hp in 1982.