Port Hedland BJJ / MMA


I'm working in Port Hedland WA for the next 3 months, which could easily go out to 6 months, or even a year or so?

Got approaced to do some MMA and BJJ coaching while I am here, and I am pretty close to agreeing to teach twice a week up here.

Years ago while working in Newman, I did the same thing, which kicked off a small local scene in the town that continues and is gaining momentum. The Instructor there just got graded to Blue Belt, and is looking at moving from a garage set up to a full size gym!

Does anyone know of anyone else up here with any MMA or BJJ experience or interest? I would be keen to make contact with them asap, and see if they would like to be involved.

As always my number is 0419 594 723 and my email is geraldbb AT hotmail.com

Thanks in advance,

Gerald Burton-Batty

Posted this thread back in March I think and never heard anything from anyone. In the last week or so I've gotten 3 unrelated contacts from guys in Port Hedland looking to train!

I'm not working on site right now, but will be back in Port Hedland on a FIFO roster for at least a year, if not 2, starting from January 2012.

I'm still keen to get a regular group for BJJ and or MMA training. Daresay I will try and combine some Crossfit based strength/conditioning also, as I've become very interested in it of late.

Need to secure a venue (maybe the new Sports Centre in South Hedland?), if not a factory unit, garage, or even some mats on a footy oval (that's how I did it in Newman).

Best regards,


What's the deal with Newman these days , you say you used to train on the oval with mats?? Phone Post

Hey geraldbb, are you still in the pilbara? Good chance I'll be moving to karratha. I'm a complete novice looking to learn. Phone Post