Portable gaming system Nint. DS?

what is the official word on the "best" port. system?

DS Lite?

Does the DS have a back light? I HATE the GBA and refuse to play it because it is so hard to see the screen.

My cousin has a DS and it's a shitload of fun.

My brother has a PSP and it's a shitload of... well, shit.

Dunno about backlight, but I had no problems seeing the DS screen when I played on it and of the 2 systems, the DS is definitely the one I would recommend.

DS Lite + R4DS

I did long answer on the OG thread.

I just picked up a DS for Jam Sessions. I also got Zelda. What other cool games? I looked for Metroid, but they only had some stupid pinball version.

DarthChoke, you can get a Game Boy Advance SP which has a backlight as well as a rechargable battery. It's the flip-top model. They're $59.99 used at GameStop.

Or if you can find a Game Boy Micro, it will probably be about $40 new (closeout). It also has a backlight and rechargeable battery, it's smaller than a cellphone, and it plays all your GBA games. But it doesn't play the old Game Boy and Game Boy Color games like the GBA and GBA SP.

But you can get a Game Boy Player which plugs into your GameCube, and that will play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on your TV (excluding tilt-sensor cartridges of course, and also it doesn't play the cartoon full-motion video cartridges). You can get that plus a Gamecube for a total of $60.

But the DS Lite is probably your best bet, its backlight is even brighter than the DS Phat. The Lite's speakers aren't as loud as the Phat's, but my only complaint other than that is the way the GBA cartridge hangs out of the slot on the smaller Lite model. Either version of the DS is a good buy.

But the PSP is also an impressive piece of technology. It comes Wi-Fi ready with an internet browser, which is already better than the DS browser cartridge that you have to buy separately. So you can watch movies, listen to MP3s, look at anything you want to put on a memory stick, and there are some pretty fun games too.

You can find bootleg mp3/video players for the DS that work with SD cards, but all that stuff is already built-in to the PSP.

The DS has a microphone and the touch screen, which the PSP doesn't have. But the PSP's 1 screen is larger, and overall the games have better graphics. But I've spent more time playing my DS than my PSP.

great! thanks so much for your advice!!! much appreciated!

I've got a DS, but the old GBA SPs and micros are still excellent game machines. I spent hundreds of hours on tactical strategy games on my SP. It's so small, you can play anything turn-based with one hand, handy if you ride a train or bus standing.

Get a DS with Advance Wars ds, Zelda and Bleach 2. You will very happy.

Shit you can add Castlevania, Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros to that list too.