Portable MD players any good?

What do you guys think of portable mini-disc players? I have read that a lot of people like them better than MP3 players and discmans.

I'm thinking of buying one in the next few days.
I was considering a Sony MZNE410 Net MD walkman Recorder or an Aiwa AMX9B Personal MD player. Does anyone have any experience with these models?

The Aiwa seems to have a few more options for the same price.


mds are great. the sony net md is sort of annoying though. sure it puts tracks on the md a lot faster and can compress them more, but it also puts this crappy copy protection on them so you cant duplicate the md again and every time i changed some hardware on my comp it made me re-register online before it would let me use the md software(not sure if the newer ones still do this).

i use them like old tapes. a md player in my home system and a portable player. if you plan on messing with the computer everytime you want to put new music on mds, you might be better to get an mp3 player.

Do mini discs sound just as good as a cd?

yep, im sure some audio-philes could tell you the exact difference, but for portable listening, you'll never notice. a lot better quality than mp3s, and about as near to cd as you'll get.