Portland, Maine issues mask mandate for kids

PORTLAND (WGME) – All students, staff and visitors at Portland Public Schools will be required to wear a mask indoors and on school buses starting on Thursday, according to Superintendent Xavier Botana.

“We encourage everyone to begin masking even before Thursday, if possible,” Botana said.

According to the U.S. CDC, Maine currently has the highest rate of new COVID-19 infections in the U.S.

Cumberland County is now categorized as “red” or “high” by the federal CDC COVID-19 Community Levels tracker.

Botana says pooled testing results and local wastewater data also indicate high positivity rates.

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Too much vaccination

Fucked their immune systems up


My kid is part of this bullshit . Let’s see if the teachers outside will start trying to hand sanitizer every kid coming in like they did for rest of year


Um, what?

Are they testing your effluent?

Makes you wonder what else they’re doing.

Trying to fuck the children…

Think a trip to Portland Maine is now in order to give them some hard earned tax dollars

Colleges in Boston have even dropped the masks.

Yes they are, they say that’s how they are tracking covid spread

We know you won’t be giving them your work dollars.

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Bangor did the same thing, the State is really pushing the covid narrative again for some reason. The noon news yesterday talked about how there was a 200 percent surge in new cases and there were two people in ICU on ventilators. Two people and they did a news piece on it.

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Well think of it this way all the lefty kids will die off and the children of the right will stay strong.

Even more so since abortion is going to the states soon. The left states will keep killing their kids off and the ones that are not aborted will be masked and vaxxed.


Thats grade A bullshit.

I’m sure they’ll take your TRUMP CHECKS and give you a decent ROI on your BOOMSTICKS!

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