Portland or Seattle?

Just realized I’ve been to Boise a few times having to drive through it. I think I recall the women being horrendous looking. It was either Boise or Idaho Falls but somewhere in Idaho.


Which city is more likely to have a large population of women willing to pull down their panties after a single drink or on a first meetup?

In NYC I tried very hard and went on many dates but have never closed on doing the deed ever. It was just a different breed of women there for me. In Orange County it was relatively easy to ask a girl to come over for an immediate hook up.

I bought a small cedar building from the Amish on that rez, pulled up with my trailer and thought how TF will we load this thing…with horses? And then I hear a huge skid-steer fire up behind their shop haha

But they didn’t have electricity in their houses, so they hadn’t crossed that divide yet.

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Amish are way more reclusive & restrictive, even though they’re loosening up over time. It’s still a chasm.

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Idaho Falls the women I saw were awful. They looked like loggers who ate starch only diets. I’d beat off 10 times out of 10 rather than slide inside one of those things

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Are you looking to join antifa?


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Which ever you choose I hope you will be parachuting in under the cover of darkness.

Why would any rational human pick either blue shit hole

Because both are amazing cities with lots to offer for entertainment and cool as stuff to do. Both the surrounding areas have tons of out door activities… you fly over faggit!


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Which ever one had “CHOP”.

How’s Chicago or Milwaukee?