Portland police to limit car searches, no longer pursue minor traffic

Guess Ted Wheeler decided it’s been far too long since he’s been in the news cycle.


Reason #254 to not go to Oregon.


Portland is not part of America anymore. It is a Communist refugee located in America, filled with Communist terrorists.


I once briefly thought about moving there some time ago. Figured it was artsy, had good coffee and good hiking.

Now I have zero desire to even visit.


They need to bring this shit to indiana. With all the free time the cops will have from no longer hassling people over minor bullshit, they can patrol my neighborhood hard making sure these damn kids stay off my lawn.


Is the Governor still begging people to come to Portland? Lol


I can’t imagine any way this would possibly go wrong. lol

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Federal funds should stop being allocated to Portland and Seattle because of their refusal to participate in being Americans.


“Portland’s police chief and mayor are set to announce Tuesday that city police will no longer stop motorists for low-level infractions, such as equipment failures or expired plates, to reduce disproportionate stops of people of color.”

I’ve never thought of expired plates as a minor infraction. Expired plates typically means no insurance, putting other drivers at risk.


We don’t worry about victims anymore. Unless it’s a woman. And the perp wasn’t a POC.

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Not having to worry about getting stopped and frisked sounds good to me.

Nailed it! I was gonna go for the weather and food scene.

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What are you talking about? Who is the victim of a low level traffic offense? Lol

I don’t know. I must have been thinking about something else when I wrote that because my comment makes no sense.

If you don’t enforce expired tags, the car that gets hit by the car with expired tags is the victim. To my knowledge, you can’t get insurance on a car with expired tags.

EDIT: It looks like in many states you can insure a car without a valid registration.

That’s not true at all. You can insure anything. They don’t give a fuck if it’s registered or not.

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Well, Portland has made nothing but great decisions thus far, so I’m sure this will work out fantastic for them too.


Ah yes! My short-term memory is awful. My comment was referring to those people who get hit by people with no insurance.

Aw. Now I feel bad. Your comment made sense to me donkey! Have a couple carrots on my tab tonight furry fella!

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That guy is just making that up. You can insure a car that isnt plated. Also I wouldn’t consider being in a accident a minor traffic thing even if there was insurance.

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