Portrait of Miles Davis in a single line

that is fucking fantastic!

Great work and great taste in music! Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit, man. Great fucking job! Phone Post 3.0

robert bentley - 


SoCalMutt - I do enjoy Coltrane. Maybe that will be the next portrait!

if you're taking requests...how about Rahsaan Roland Kirk? :D

Are you insane by any chance?

VTFU for complete badassery.

How long did this take you? Phone Post 3.0

In answer to the question about my sanity - I assure you I am quite insane.

With respect to how long it takes to draw this way - most of the time is in the planning and in the areas that surround the white space. Because those areas count the most for the accuracy of the piece that area is slow going - but the rest of the black space moves faster because I'm just "freestyling" the tightly controlled single continuous line.

These pieces take around 8 hours or so.

Cool work. Phone Post 3.0

awesome, love your stuff. thanks for sharing the latest!