Portraits of People as They Once Were


Heh. What a beautiful idea. Wouldn't it be cool to show some sweet looking old people and in the mirror they were nasty serial killers and stuff? Phone Post

ttt pretty cool

Cool stuff

This is a goddamn incredible idea and the person who thought of it deserves 1 million US dollars. Or more.


Very cool, and sad.


Neat! Phone Post

Cool yet depressing.

AdamVMMA - Link? Phone Post 3.0


So are the younger selves photoshopped into the mirror or is it painted on? Phone Post

Some of them old broads used to be hot

In Phone Post

Wow. Beautiful Phone Post 3.0

ShanTheMan - Some of them old broads used to be hot
I thought this as well! Phone Post 3.0


Everybody has a story... Beautiful thread idea CW! :)

and that soldier would get it till he cried...

^you have sex with people based solely on their physical attractiveness in your eyes, like most guys today would?



I want to do this for my grandma