Positively Fifth Street

Anyone read this book? I am about a chapter away from finishing.

It's by Jim McManus, about his experiences as a journalist sent to cover the WSOP and the murder trial of Ted Binion. He decided to take his advance and try to satellite his way into the World Series... pretty cool book!

He is coming to speak at a local book store, and I will be there front and center.

Yeah, I got it. Forgot that book last night. Excellent read. Really fucked up the way he describes Teddy dying and the taunting by Tabish and the girlfriend. Worst nightmare kind of stuff. Goes through the trial and the author winning a satellite to get into the WSOP and his making the final table.

If I have any objection it would be he seems a little star struck when he talks about some of the bigger names on the poker tour.

Great book. The whole burking thing was kind of bizarre, but McManus has a good sense of humor and a great eye for detail. His descriptions of the actual action at the tables was entertaining, too.

He has an article about poker (actually a chapter from a forthcoming book) in this month's Esquire.

I liked it too. If you also liked it I might suggest Biggest Game in Town by A. Alvarez or Poker Nation by Andy Bellin, especially the former.

good book, hell its almost every poker fans dream, just making it to the final wsop table. The narrative jumps around a lot, but overall a really good book.