Possible Dojo (garage) Storm!

I saw this listing on craigslist.


He isn't asking for any money, but I thought it was funny anyway.


 Gregg's Gracie Garage

Hello, my name is Gregg. I host a Gracie jiu jitsu "garage" class at my home in Freeburg, for more information about this please check out GracieUniversity.com they have alot of information on this website that will answer most of your questions along with some video's of what it is we do at my home. These classes are for the person that is highly interested and motivated to earn at minimum their blue belt through the Gracie family's rank system. I and a few others have been training for a couple of months and absolutely love it, the instruction is far beyond what any of us expected and we feel that we are learning alot. We do not want someone who has something to prove, or a huge ego, just so you know you will get submitted, choked out and probably bruised up a little, so we don't want someone who will get mad or angry with it and feel the need to lash out, this is a friendly environment. We are looking for a few good candidates for some extra training partners, who we would like to see come by: someone with an interest in jiu jitsu, or self defense, someone who is friendly and isn't quick to anger, men, women, kids, come one come all, this is a sport for everyone(if your kids are 16 or under please have a training partner about the same age, the difference in size from an adult to child is so great that they would need someone closer to their age to roll with). This class instruction is done through the Gracie Combatives dvd's, the only techniques you will be learning will be ones that could save your life in a street fight. The best part of all about these classes is that they are all absolutely, unequivocally FREE. Should you have any further questions please click on the contact us link and I will be happy to respond.  Thanks Gregg

Why are you hating on garage gyms?

 it sounds like some kids just having fun....

 Seems honest and harmless. 

 There is a process to get a Gracie Garage Gym, it is on the website. Mostly guys that want to train that have no place to train. Cool idea, can't beat the price

Sounds like some kids using the Gracie Home training videos and could use some extra people to train. Seems harmless. Tell the angry e-mob to put down the pitchforks and go home.

I just thought it was kind of funny. I'm sure they are having a good time.

I didn't know about the Gracie Garage Gym, sorry.

seems like a good guy,i cant blame him 4 wanting to fine more ppl.

Firecrap -  Seems honest and harmless. 

Garage Jitsu FTW!

Sorry, should have fact checked. I was a dick for starting this.

sebastard - Just sounds like some dudes that are excited to train and probably don't have have anything close by. Not much unlike 15 years ago when dudes would study tape and try it on each other to figure things out.

Can't blame the dude for trying to bring in bodies to roll with if he's stoked on jiu jitsu and doesn't have a place to train close by (or, can't afford to, which seems to be a common thing too).

this sounds like one of those stories that ends with people being found in the basement, tied up and gagged.

 wonder if he's uploaded his belt test video to the graciecombatives websight and payed his grading fees to receive his blue belt yet

kind sounds like that old wierdo Wrestler there was a thread about a while back... i think an OGer actually went and underwear wrestled with the guy

^ Truth. I won the contest and he did finish 2nd.